Corrections Committee

Welcome to the Greater Seattle Intergroup Corrections Committee.

Our mission is to coordinate the work of A.A. members and groups to carry the A.A. message of recovery to alcoholics in prisons and other correctional institutions.

We fulfill the following needs:

  • Taking 12 Step meetings inside correctional facilities.
  • Writing letters to men and women who want recovery support while they serve time.
  • Becoming a “bridge” by taking newly released members to meetings and introducing them to the fellowship, which can help support a new design for living.
  • Serving as Corrections Chair for one’s district and bringing back to one’s home group information about what kind of help is needed and where members can serve.


Facilities we serve

Greater Seattle Intergroup brings meetings to several facilities in the greater Seattle area. Contact the GSIG Corrections Chair at or intergroup at 206-587-2838 to learn more about which facilities need volunteers.

Join us

We invite anyone to participate who would like to share the message with alcoholics in correctional institutions. Our committee meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the GSIG Office:

5507 6th Ave South, Seattle, WA 98108

Please email or call 206-587-2838 with any questions or for help completing the forms.