Intergroup Finance Information

Greater Seattle Intergroup Financial Statements

For a comprehensive view of Greater Seattle Intergroup financial reports please see the High and Dry monthly newsletter. That information can be found here

Group Contributions

Greater Seattle Intergroup depends on contributions from groups and individuals for its livelihood.  We appreciate all that the groups do to make sure Intergroup survives to fulfill its mission of carrying the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. Following is a record of the group contributions for the current year. If you would like record of prior years please contact the Office Manager at 206-587-2838.



Group Contributions Quarter 2 2022

Group Contribution Quater 3 2022



Group Contributions_Qtr_1_2021

Group Contribution_Qtr_2_2021

Group_Contributions Qtr_3_2021



Group Contribution Qtr 4 2020

Group Contributions Qtr_3_2020

Group Contributions_Qtr_2_2020

Group Contributions_Qtr_1_2020