Online-only Groups and GSO

For ALL Online Groups in Western Washington

If you like doing your online meeting and do NOT want to be part of the service structure, carry on, stay sober, and best wishes.

If your Group IS interested in participating in the General Service Organization, we welcome you!!!

Online-only Meeting Roundtable

If your group is online-only and plans to remain so, please join folks from other online groups as we share our experience, strength and hope relating to online meetings and service in AA. There are just 2 dates remaining before the 2021 Assembly where this topic will be discussed:

Third Saturday of every month at 4 pm, Zoom ID: 856 6331 8420
Passcode: 353586
Roundtable event links: August 21, September 18.

Participating in General Service as an Online Group

Thanks to the recent 2021 General Service Conference Advisory, Online Groups can now register with GSO to be listed and part of the General Service Structure as typical in-person meetings are. When they register, they now can choose an affiliation with the geographical District/Area within which they feel most completely aligned (say, District x/Area 72). Note that if the group doesn’t specify a district, the group will be assigned to the district of the contact address.

The group hopefully also elects a GSR and other trusted servants to represent them at District and Area.

If your group would like to join the General Service Structure and the majority of members are in Western Washington, you can go to the Area 72 Web Site to register. Please note that you need to create a login if you don’t have one. Once you have a login, here’s where you can register:

Online District in Area 72?

Being part of a District — Online or Geographical — is critical to getting all communication, participating in discussion, and exercising your Group’s right of decision! A number of online groups see the need for an online District, to enable general service and business in an online-only format. This does NOT mean that online groups must join the Online District, only that it would be available to them as an option for more online service opportunities.

A motion to create an Online District for online groups in Area 72 is being brought to the October Assembly (October 1,2,3, held via Zoom). We want to hear Online Groups’ voices in this Assembly! To send a voting GSR or to attend and discuss the motion, the Assembly Information will be available on the Area 72 Website under Events. Please note that you need to create a login if you don’t have one.

Below please find the background information on the motion, “We move that Western Washington Area 72 create a district for online groups in the Area.”

» 2021 Assembly Motions and Discussion Topics (English / Spanish)
» Background information for the online-only district motion (English / Spanish)