Web and Tech Committee

Welcome to the Greater Seattle Intergroup Web and Tech Committee.

Created by Board action in May 2013, the mission of this permanent standing committee is to develop a three-year technology strategy and budget proposal and then to implement it. As such, the committee oversees website development, Nightwatch automation (24-hour phone answering), and intraoffice computer systems and server.

2018 Website redesign

In service to members of Alcoholics Anonymous in the Greater Seattle area, in November 2016 the Web and Tech Committee set about redesigning the seattleaa.org website to better meet our fellowship’s needs, the first full redesign in 5 years. We acknowledged that the current website didn’t meet the needs of our changing fellowship, and we set out to determine how we could make the most useful and impactful improvements.

Following the principle of “user-centered design,” we put the fellowship at the center of all decisions about the redesign. For example, we began with an extensive survey of members’ current ways of using the website and closely examined the anonymous website visitor data.

Based on our findings, we aimed for the following goals with the new website:

  • Help the newcomer connect with a sober alcoholic by phone, find a meeting, and understand A.A.
  • Serve the member in finding a meeting, staying involved with all upcoming news and events, and making online contributions.
  • Support the trusted servant in staying connected to service opportunities, committee meetings, and news and events.

Because 70 percent of our visitors come by mobile device, we needed to ensure the site was mobile-friendly, too.

To begin, we:

  • Reorganized the site so the categories and links made sense to our visitors and met the goals of the new site.
  • Found a new look and feel. From the many options available, we chose one that was affordable, simple, mobile-friendly, and easy to update.
  • Reviewed and revised all the information on the former site. We looked at every single page with an eye toward usefulness and inclusivity.
  • Reviewed the site together, ensuring all committee members felt comfortable with the changes and that they met our goals.

When the new site was ready for testing, we recruited 10 fellows from our meetings, with various levels of technological prowess, to participate in a usability test. We gathered valuable insights from our two days of testing. The results were incredibly helpful: 100% of users percent found the site was an improvement over the existing one, and 100% percent agreed that the new site was easy to use.

We took into account all of the comments, reviewing and addressing every one. After many more changes and tweaks, we felt the site was ready to launch.

On August 27, 2018, we launched the site. It is intended to grow and change in ways that continue to meet the needs of our expanding, diverse fellowship.

If you have any comments, please feel free to contact us. The committee will review all comments and will continue to improve the site to best serve Seattle-area alcoholics! We deeply appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

~ August 2018

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Join us

Our committee meets on the fourth Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at the GSIG Office:

5507 6th Ave South, Seattle, WA 98108

During COVID we are currently meeting virtually via Zoom:


Meeting ID: 857 9514 2843
Passcode: 467107
Host Key: 963557

We invite anyone to participate. Please email wtchair@seattleaa.org or call 206-587-2838 with any questions.