Proposed Changes to Policy and Procedure Manual

Thank you in advance for reviewing the Draft of the Revised GSIG Policies.

The revised Policies (document 2) will be discussed and voted on at the Seattle Intergroup Assembly on Dec 21, 2021 7pm.

Remember In addition to the normal Board voting members all Groups may send a Group Representative to vote.

The Revision were prepared to bring the Board and Office Policies into alignment with how GSIG currently functions.  These were prepared by the 20/20 Committee by obtaining input and changes from each of the relevant Committees and or Office Staff.

The following documents are available here:

This document explains the main changes that have been proposed to the current policies:

 1 Significant changes to GSIG Policies to be voted on at Dec 2021 Assembly (2) 

This is the complete proposed DRAFT of the new Policy Manual:

2 Draft GSIG Revised Policies v9-15-21 (this is ultimately the document that will be voted on in Dec 2021)

This is the existing Policy Manual:

3 Current GSIG Policies – updated 11-2016 (Old policies)

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me before Dec 2021.

Mike M

GSIG Chair Emeritus



Lara R at