Website policy

Greater Seattle Intergroup maintains a website for the publication of information specific to Intergroup.

    1. Furnish a source of information for AA Members and those who might be interested in AA and Greater Seattle Intergroup.
    1. GSIG Mission Statement
    2. Meetings locations and times
    3. Service opportunities
      1. Answer phones
      2. Committees
      3. 12th step work
    4. Calendar of events
      1. Committee meetings
      2. Board meetings
      3. Other GSIG events
      4. Other Events “non GSIG” (e.g. district potluck)
    5. How to reserve a room at GSIG for an event and cost
    6. Information and resources
    1. Endeavor to have an accessible web site
    2. The home page will identify the website’s focus on AA within Greater Seattle, making it clear there is no attempt to speak for A.A. as a whole.
    3. Copyrights shall be respected. Registered trademarks and copyrighted material, when used, should be properly acknowledged as such.
    4. Name, address, phone number and hours of the office, and of the Southend Literature Store.
    5. The GSIG Mission Statement.
    6. The standard “What AA Is” statement from the AA Grapevine.
    7. A printable “High & Dry” subscription form which can also be submitted via the website.
    8. Both Intergroup and GSO Group Listing forms.
    9. A complete meeting directory. This online directory should be updated at least monthly.
    10. List of Fellowship Halls and Clubs where AA meetings are held.
    11. Publicity for events sponsored by Seattle Intergroup.
    12. Other content approved by the Office Committee.
    13. Anonymous email addresses using the GSIG domain name will be available to maintain the anonymity of trusted servants; e.g. Board Members, Committee Chairs, etc (e.g.,,
    14. The following types of information are also approved for display on the website:
      1. Addresses and telephone numbers for districts, intergroup, and central offices.
      2. Event information for GSIG business events, assemblies, and committee meetings
      3. Information on GSIG business events will go directly to the Office Staff.
      4. Information on standing committee events will go directly to the Committee Chair, who will forward the information to the Office Staff if it is a valid standing committee event.
      5. Happenings event page will include additional events such as roundups, concept and tradition workshops, conventions, and conferences, etc. It will be a running list of the event name, date, address, and hosts(s).
      6. Information on happenings will go directly to the Office Staff. If there is a question about the appropriateness, Office Staff will forward the information to the Office Committee who will make a determination if the event should be included under the Happenings web page on the area website.
    15. The following types of information are not approved for display on the website:
      1. No personal addresses or telephone numbers will be displayed on the public portion of the website.
  4. LINKS
    1. Multiple links to the AAWS/AA Grapevine home pages are included.
    2. Links to other local Intergroup or Central Offices may be included upon approval by the Office Committee.
    3. Other links are discouraged. Members have the use of many search engines to find other AA or recovery-related sites. There are many “chat sites”, online meetings, newsgroups, etc., all of which are readily available on the Internet and easily found using these search engines. Seattle Intergroup does not repeat information or other resources which are available from other sites.
    1. The principles expressed in the Public Information workbook and other PI literature apply equally to the Internet. Our website is publicly accessible, and consideration must always be given to the Traditions.
    2. The spirit of A.A. principles and traditions will be followed at all times. This means, among other things:
    3. Anonymity will be preserved and protected. The full names of individuals and individual phone numbers, postal and email addresses will not be displayed on the public portion of the website – (Traditions 11 & 12).
    4. Any information submitted directly to the private portion of the Area Website (for viewing by Registered Users only) is the responsibility of the original submitter and any editors or approvers.
    5. Any information submitted for viewing on any public (registration not required) pages on the Area Website is jointly the responsibility the original submitter, any editors, approvers, and/or reviewers, and the Area Web committee.
    6. Every attempt should be made to adhere to all of the Traditions, especially those regarding anonymity (11 & 12).
    1. OFFICE STAFF is responsible for
      1. Updating the online meeting directory.
      2. Ensuring that site information is current by furnishing timely, up-to- date information to the Webmaster.
      3. Paying all bills relative to the hosting of the site.
      4. Annually renewing the Domain Name.
    2. WEB and TECH COMMITTEE is responsible for all other aspects of maintaining the site.