Forms, Forms, and Forms!

For the best quality, these forms are available in Acrobat reader format.

  • Seattle Intergroup Group Listing Form Use this form to list(register) a new group or to change your group information: change of GSR or contact information, change of meeting location, etc. This form is also available as a Word document file.
  • Group History Form Keep your group's history up to date by submitting this form to your District Archivist, the Seattle Intergroup Archives, Area Archives. [Printable web page not available]

NOTE: When registering a new group--or changing your group's registration information you need to use both the Intergroup form and the Alcoholics Anonymous forms. The first assures that your information is correct in the local meeting directory and in the Intergroup's files. The second assures that your records are up to date with GSO so that you receive informational mailings about A.A. outside of the local community--and that your contributions to GSO are properly credited.

NOTE: The following two forms, the A.A. New Group Registration Form and the A.A. Group Information Change Form, can be filled in and submitted online.